Learn | Market | Sell – Off the Beaten Path

    Want to focus on and sell Off the Beaten Path? It’s time to get all the tools you need to close that sale. First, you’ll LEARN about Off the Beaten Path. Then we’ll dive into how to MARKET Off the Beaten Path. Finally, how you can SELL Off the Beaten Path to your clients. Now is the time to start selling what maybe was overwhelming previously! Join Preferred Partners, Sandals and Beaches, Globus, Cosmos, Avalon Waterways, and Swan Hellenic as they discuss with you their brand.

    Event Dates:

    October 25th (Past)


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    Event Details

    1) Learn about Preferred Partners for Off the Beaten Path.
    2) How to Market Off the Beaten Path.
    3) How to sell Off the Beaten Path.

    Event Details