Frequently Asked Questions

    Read below for overall event questions. Scroll down for specific event questions.

    General Q&A

    As registration opens, event information will be sent via email and social media; you can find all event information on our dedicated website page.

    We commonly use SurveyMonkey for registrations, especially for our virtual events. You will not receive a confirmation if you register using a SurveyMonkey link. If you need to confirm your registration, please email

    As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that our advisors arrive the day prior to the event, since our events normally start at 8 AM. We also recommend departing the day after to enjoy all aspects of our events, including any happy hours.

    TPI Rocks

    You may bring a Non-Advisor guest to the event for a fee. The guest will be able to participate in the Welcome and Farewell Parties of the event, during other Advisor-specific programs on the agenda, the guest is free to explore the area at their leisure.

    TPI Open House

    Our TPI Open House is Open to ALL!

    You may come and go as you please, however, throughout the event there will be prizes and other fun activities that you might miss if you are not present.

    Tech Summit

    Yes, as this is a very hands-on education and help environment. We ask that you bring your laptop that you currently use in your daily work. In addition, feel free to bring your keyboard, mouse, monitors, whatever will make YOU comfortable in this tech learning environment.

    At this time, transportation is not provided by TPI. However, Sheraton North Hotel and other facilities in the area are located within one mile from TPI’s headquarters which makes it a close commute and giving you many options of how to get here.

    You will learn various programs such as Monarch, SigNet, TPI Suitcase, AXUS, etc. If you DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT, please read the instructions below.

    Step 1: Log in to your TPICENTRAL account.
    Step 2: Follow the paths below for the programs that apply to you.

    Monarch: TPICENTRAL > Business Essentials > Monarch Grab & Go > Enroll in Monarch

    AXUS: TPICENTRAL > SigNet > AXUS - My Market Travel > Forms

    SigNet: TPICENTRAL > SigNet > Request Access > Form

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